Holiday rides with Tom

A couple of rides with Tom during our time off work over Easter.   An evening ride along the Downs Link with the spring time sun low  in the sky and the wind behind us (on the way out).    It was going to be a short trip ‘around the block’, but it was a nice evening and when we got to Shoreham we decided to widen the block a bit and go up to St. Botolph’s church.   The way out would be along the now smooth Downs Link (still gravel, but a part of it is now bump free).  Always a nice route in the evening, just you and the rabbits hopping out of the way as you make your way down the track.   At this time there are not many walkers or other people on bikes using the track and so you can afford to ride side-by-side chatting as you go.    When we reached the church we returned home via the road and ended up at the airport, putting on gloves as the cold wind was hitting us and the early evening low sun had become even lower.

Time did not permit other such rides, and neither did the weather.  We got out on Sunday with a lunchtime ride along Worthing prom, a quick break for a snack and then a return trip.  It reminded me of the hundreds of journeys I had along that route to work, how I used to like the wind being behind me on my way home, just as it was on this occasion as we flew back home.

The first trip was on the Marin ebike with no motor assistance.   While the bike is obviously heavier that it would be without a battery and motor, it was nothing too noticeable over a loaded touring bike where the extra weight keeps the bike moving at times when going downhill.    After a number of miles you get used to it and at no time do you struggle.   The second ride was on the Royal, testing out the Garmin Touring GPS of which I am still not decided upon if I like it or not.



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