Stand…. and deliver!

I thought I would give it a try at just £8 off Ebay. I never like the idea of lying the bike down or leaning it against the wall. Infact, the Royal must be a strange shape as it is nearly impossible to get it to lean against a wall without the front wheel turning and it falling over!

I’ve learnt, it’s not the English thing to do. Bike stands, or prop stands, seem to be for either children or old woman, and yet we are all happy to risk damaging what is quite an expensive piece of equipment day after day. Go over to Europe or Australia (I am told) and everyone has a one. I am told they weigh your bike down unnecessarily, which is true, and yet we don’t worry about eating cakes which is something else that must weigh our bikes down to a similar degree.

At only £8 it was worth a punt, I purchased and a week later it arrived in the post. It seconds to fit on the Highway (just to try it out) and does the job perfectly. It nearly folds back and as a bonus it is not a normal prop stand that fits to the middle of your bike (and so allows the bike to fall over when a slight bit of weight is put on the back) but instead it is near the back wheel giving the stability you need.

It is currently on the Highway but it is destined for the Royal.  I need to find an old inner tube though as clamping metal of the stand to the metal of the bike brings me out in a bit of a cold sweat.



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