Quick trip to the park

May has not seen a great deal of biking, two bank holidays and family things instead which is quite a nice break.  For once we had a really sunny bank holiday weekend on the beach and generally doing little which is what such weekends are meant to be used for.

I did take the chance to sort out the slow puncture that the Royal has had for quite some time now, normally taking a good fortnight to go soft but something not quite right.  In theory I should get no punctures seeing as it has Schwalbe Marathon tires and so I was quite surprised when I noticed the back quite soft one time.    No worries as pumping it back up every two weeks or so sorted the problem but as I had time and it was a nice afternoon I took time to sort it out.

There seemed to be no noticeable puncture, evening dunking into water showed no real signs, but there was a bulge and that was enough  for me to ditch the tube and put in a spare one.  I took the opportunity to clean the bike up, adjust brakes and generally play about.

By the evening it was still warm and so me and Tom decided to bike to a park we don’t normally go to (infact, never gone to) with the chance to practice along some quiet roads.   Tom’s bike was clonking like crazy as he turned the peddles, a very loose nut holding the pedal on I found out when we got home.   It seems Halfords and their bike building skills are not really up to much!

A play at the park and quick ride back home.   Not far or fast, but a nice ride in the warmth of the evening sun.



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