Early Morning to see the Shark

A miss from the weekly gathering in Lewes for the cycling group, being a bank holiday it seemed it would be nice to spend it with the family after having two weekends out in a row cycling.   This week the group went to Seaford which would had been nice, but I thought we would have our own cycle trip instead.    Tom was up for getting up and going straight out on bikes before breakfast, Jack was too.  When it came to it, Jack decided he liked his bed too much and so it was just myself and Tom.

It was promising to be a hot sunny day, there was no wind and even though we were covered in sea mist the temperature for that time in the morning was pretty reasonable.  I was sure by mid morning the sun would get through.

In the meantime we made slow but good progress along the cycle path on the beach, the plan was to bike up to the newly erected wooden shark and pirate (don’t ask?!).  After a short break at said shark and pirate we continued on and in the end arrived at the Pier.  The calm windless early morning it seemed like an idea to walk around the Pier, we noted that we had never really been on it even though I bike past it twice a day on the way to work and back.

There is nothing much on the Pier apart from people fishing, but even so it was a nice walk after which we biked home.   A nice morning ride in ideal weather.   Next time we shall try to coax Jack out to meet the wooden shark, I know he would like it.


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