A Bike in the Snow

I started the day a bit disapointed as the weather on the computer said there would be snow and plenty of it, all day.    I used to bike to school in the snow and living in the country side meant when it snowed it really meant it, plus it drifted like no tomorrow.   I can remember biking to school along a country lane with dykes either side and flat fields beyond, all which meant making sure I really was still on the road at all times!

It did start snowing on the way into work but nothing too exciting.  By lunch time it had turned into a bit of blizzard and most people at work went home.   Probably a bad time for them to do so as the conditions were at their worst and the temperature was below freezing.

I got my turn later on in the day when I ventured home.   The snowing had stopped but it was pretty cold and the wind was strong, against me slightly to the ride.  The ride too place mostly in the lowest gears, trying to counter against the wind on the side without loosing grip on the road.  Lowest gear was used most of the way.    You went from slussy snow to small drifts without much notice (my head was down feeling the pin pricks of the snow being blown off the beach), interesting but exciting ride.

The bike was the Highway seeing as it was a weekday commute into work.   It battled well, coping with sudden changes from the wind and the tramlines in the snow.  I didn’t fall off! Not really the same amount of snow other parts of the country have got today, a pity. Still, with the wind on one side and the slippyness of the road, it was all good fun.


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